“  thank you very much for fast shipping. I will have my first workshop for making nylon flowers and I will give to participants the contact of your shop, because I'm very satisfied with the quality of your service and with the material. Please keep the fingers crossed for my workshop... ;)
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Wires and threads

These can be used as stringing materials for beads. Wires/strings and cords can also be used as design elements in your jewellery design.

Wires/strings and cords can be made of a number of different materials for example: metals, leather, elastic rubber. They also vary in terms of thickness.

There are no standard size for bead holes, so it is important to choose the stringing material that fits the bead hole.

Aluminium  wires
Beaded Cord
Chinese knot strings
Colour copper wires
Cotton string
Elastic string/rubber string
Elastic strings
Faux Suede
Hemp cord
Jade strings
Leather strings
Mambo strings
Memory wire
Necklace chains
Non-elastic crystal threads
Pearlescent strings
Waxed Cord
Metal chains

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