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Porcelain beads

Porcelain beads are made from porcelain, porcelain is a form of ceramic.
Like porcelain vases, bowls and cups, much of the decorative effect comes from the design patterns on the porcelain. Porcelain beads are similar. Porcelain beads comes in a wide range of different patterns.

Product highlights
Porcelain beads, non-round shape
Round porcelain beads - Colour - 10mm
Round porcelain beads - Colour - 6mm
Round porcelain beads - Colour - 8mm
Round porcelain beads - Flower pattern
Round porcelain beads - Other pattern
Round porcelain beads - Speckled pattern
Round porcelain beads - Swirl pattern

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Product highlights - Porcelain beads

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