“  Hi I have just made an order through your website - can't wait to get the flowers as they are for our first wedding anniversary (paper) so thought they would make a unique gift as I've never seen something like them before! Kind regards
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Lace trimmings doll making kit

Lace trimmings doll making kit
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RRP: £4.90
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Price: £3.01
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Lace trimmings doll making kit
Price:  £3.01 £4.90
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Enough materials to make (number of dolls):


Lace trimmings doll making kit

The colour of this product is shown in the photo.
The photo shows all the materials for making this product.


We will provide you with an instruction video. The instruction video gives you instructions on how to make the product.

The instruction video will be sent to you electronically.
After your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view the video.
Note: You need to be online to view or download the video.

The email will give you a number of choices to view the video:
1. You can view the video in your web browser.
2. You can download the video to your computer and view it using: Microsoft Windows Media Player or Realtime player.

Additional equipment required (not included in the package):
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Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for sending the order so quickly... Only ordered it yesterday afternoon and its arrived already. Excellent customer service... Thank you. Kind regards