Paper flower making kit - Fan Mimosa

Paper flower making kit - Fan Mimosa
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Paper flower making kit - Fan Mimosa
Product Details
Make beautiful paper flowers using this kit.
The pack contains sufficient material for 1 stem.
The photo display shows a bouquet of 6 stems, if you would like material to make more stems please enquire by sending us an email.

Colour of Petals: Purple/red
Each completed stem measures approximately 20cm in length and 3cm across.

The kit contains the following:

1. Instruction video.
This video is a short film showing a person demonstrating how to make the paper flowers.
This makes the instructions much easier to follow, there's no need for confusing printed instructions.

The instruction video will be sent to you electronically.
After your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view the video.
Note: You need to be online to view or download the video.

The email will give you a number of choices to view the video:
1. You can view the video in your web browser.
2. You can download the video to your computer and view it using: Microsoft Windows Media Player or Realtime player.

2. Flower moulds.
These are shaped cards that you use as moulds to cut the papers.

3. Pre-cut materials

This pack contains all the papers that you need to make the flowers.
There are additional equipment that you need to make these paper flowers, these equipment are NOT supplied.

Additional equipment required:

A pair of scissors
White glue

Tip for mounting the flowers To mount the flowers, you will need to select a suitable pot or vase.
If you do not have foam to hold the flower stems then you can use scrunched up newspapers or plain papers.

Press play on the screen below to see a example from the instruction video, please note the example flower shown is not for these paper flowers, it gives you an indication of the types of instructions you will be getting.